How Much Data Should I Capture?

Salesforce makes it easy to create fields to capture data. Capturing data is great, but be careful not to go overboard! Too few fields means you don’t have the data you need to make informed decisions, but too many fields increase complexity. Where is the balance between capturing enough data and too much data? Let’s find out! Complexity Scales Exponentially Adding required fields exponentially increases complexity. Don’t be fooled; doubling your required fields on a page layout more than doubles the complexity due to the following reasons -

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Solving Salesforce Reporting Using Tableau

Salesforce comes with powerful but limited reporting capabilities. This comes through the form of Salesforce reports and dashboards. Recently at Lyons Tech, we found ourselves facing heavy reporting limitations with a client that were impacting their success. This lead us to the implementation of an alternative solution: Tableau. Limitations with Salesforce reporting The following were some limitations we were hitting - Salesforce dynamic dashboards do not support scheduled refreshes. Dashboard filters only work on a common field on an object.

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