Tableau Viz LWC Extended

Tableau is a fantastic tool. So fantastic that Salesforce bought it in 2019 and integrated it into their ecosystem. If you have ever tried to embed Tableau dashboards directly into Salesforce, you probably used the Tableau Viz LWC. This is a great component, but it lacks some flexibility. That’s why we extended it and provided greater flexibility for developers! Tableau Viz LWC limitations The Tableau Viz LWC allows for users to drag it on a page and easily embed a dashboard directly into Salesforce.

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SOQL Cheat Sheet

Here is a cheat sheet of common SOQL examples that can be used as reference -

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Starting Salesforce Development

I was recently reached out to by an individual asking for advice on entering the world of Salesforce. This is not the first person to ask, so I created this blog for anyone who might find it helpful - What is Salesforce? Salesforce is a product/platform that companies use to run their businesses. Salesforce is known for being the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, however, Salesforce offers many packages and add-ons that provide functionality well beyond a typical CRM.

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